Performance Super Bundle

The MELT Performance Super Bundle contains everything you need to start MELTing now. Save when you buy these products together!


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Product Description

The MELT Super Bundle contains two 16″ Performance Rollers, the MELT Performance DVD, and a Custom Kit Bag which includes a Large Soft Ball, Large Firm Ball, and Small Firm Ball in a MELT pouch.

The 18″ MELT Performance Roller is the only soft roller that’s the perfect size for your gym bag or travel. It is ideal for MELT Performance, a revolutionary self-care method that boosts your competitive edge and reduces the risk of injury. Significantly softer than traditional rollers, MELT rollers create a compression that is ideal for rehydrating connective tissue, the flexible support structure of your body, so you can make immediate changes and create remarkable lasting results.

The 2-disc MELT Performance DVD, featuring MELT Method creator Sue Hitzmann, is the perfect companion to the 16″ MELT Performance Roller. The enclosed Getting Started Guide lets you get started today. The set includes three performance sequences and one bonus MELT Method sequence:

  • NeuroCore Stability Sequence
  • Lower Body Stability Sequence
  • Upper Body Stability Sequence
  • Bonus Neck Release Sequence

The Custom Kit Bag gives you the tools to start MELTing your hands and feet.  It includes a Large Soft Ball, Large Firm Ball, and Small Firm Ball in a MELT pouch.

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