MELT Mega Bundle

Save on the brand-new MELT Mega Bundle – the Full Roller, Half Roller, Performance Roller, Performance Band, Hand and Foot Treatment Kit, the MELT book, and 30-day subscription to MELT On Demand!This Bundle does NOT contain DVDs


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Product Description

The MELT Mega Bundle contains the MELT Soft Body Roller, MELT Performance Roller, MELT Half Roller,  the Hand and Foot Treatment Kit, MELT Performance Band, the MELT Method paperback book and one month of MELT on Demand. This bundle is valued at over $250!

The Soft Body Roller is the only roller developed specifically for the techniques of the MELT Method, offering gentle compression without unnecessary discomfort.

The 18″ MELT Performance Roller is ideal for MELT Performance, a revolutionary self-care method that boosts your competitive edge and reduces the risk of injury.

The MELT Half Roller provides the same gentle stimulation as the full roller while offering the stability and/or lower height needed for specialized populations.

The Hand and Foot Treatment Kit gives you the tools for the MELT Hand and Foot Treatment: 8 MELT Treatment balls (2 of each size), 1 Bunion Reducer Band, and 2 illustrated instruction guides.

The MELT Performance Band offers medium resistance that is ideal for MELT Performance.

The MELT Method book is the fully revised paperback edition of the bestseller that has helped more than 200,000 people get out and stay out of pain. Now it’s your turn!

MELT On Demand is a brand-new way to watch all of the MELT videos – anywhere, anytime! And you’ll be able to stream MELT Performance online or through the official MELT Method App so you can watch on all of your devices – including Google Play, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

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