Soft Roller

The MELT Method Soft Roller offers gentle compression without unnecessary discomfort.


MELT Performance Roller

The 18-inch-long MELT Performance Roller is designed for MELT Performance, a revolutionary self-care method that boosts your competitive edge and reduces the risk of injury.


Soft Half Roller

OUT OF STOCK The MELT Soft Half Roller is the only half-round roller designed specifically for the techniques of the MELT Method, offering gentle compression without unnecessary discomfort.


Mini Hand and Foot Kit

The Mini Hand and Foot Kit includes a large soft ball, a large firm ball, a small soft ball, a small firm ball, and 1 bunion band in a small MELT bag. Please refer to our Hand and Foot Kit Guide for directions on how to do these quick self-treatments. By stimulating the hands and feet, these easy-to-learn treatment can help reduce these common painful symptoms in just minutes a day!


Hand & Foot Treatment Kit

The MELT Hand and Foot Treatment Kit includes all the tools for the MELT Hand and Foot Treatment, an innovative whole body technique.


MELT Method Book

The MELT Method: A Breakthrough Self-Treatment System to Eliminate Chronic Pain, Erase the Signs of Aging, and Feel Fantastic in Just 10 Minutes a Day! is the second edition of the New York Times bestseller, which has helped over 200,000 people lead a healthy, pain-free life.


MELT Performance Hardcover Book

In this long-awaited follow-up to The MELT Method, Sue Hitzmann introduces the first and only proactive training approach that's ideal for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone looking to improve overall balance, performance, and control while being protected from injury and free from chronic pain.


MELT Performance Band

The MELT Performance Band offers medium resistance and is ideal for MELT Performance techniques.


Light MELT Performance Band

The Light MELT Performance Band offers a lighter resistance and is ideal for MELT Performance techniques.


MELT Self-Care Gift Card

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