Zoisa Holder

Wells, Somerset, United Kingdom

In 2015 I underwent surgery for C Section to remove a large Fibroid and then lower leg plus lymph node biopsy for a skin melanoma. As I recovered I noticed things were not working how they should. So I ask myself why is that? The answer I discovered has lead me to specialise in movement re-education, correct walking/gait analysis, neurological conditions and connective tissue re-hydration (MELT Method). I am honoured to now specialise in helping others with illness, injury or neurological conditions resume, manage and maintain movement in a strategic, progressive and empathetic manner. To move better and feel free is a gift I have rediscovered and would like to teach you how to do this for yourself using all my skills including massage and reiki practitioner. I use of powerful therapeutic grade essentials oils or tuning forks enhance any treatment. They can restore you at a cellular level and promote integration of energies of the body and mind.

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