Suzanne Deason

San Marcos, CA, United States

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my page. I have taught yoga and Pilates for nearly 30 years, and I have chronic pain. In the 90’s my career exploded when I created a series of yoga, Pilates and Balance Ball DVD’s for Gaiam. By 2004 I was sidelined with chronic pain, brain fog and depression. Western medicine offered pain meds and antidepressants, which for me was not a healthy option. Instead, I spent a fortune and many frustrating years looking for alternative methods to help relieve my pain and get my life back on track. Five years ago I was introduced to the MELT method. Immediately, I noticed a profoundly soothing effect on my nervous system. I felt more grounded and comfortable in my skin and my pain was greatly relieved after the first class! I’m now pain free and have my life back! Pain makes life so limiting, but the MELT method makes it easy and fun to live a pain free life! I’d love to show you how!

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