Shelley Thomas

Carlton, OR, United States

I am so excited to bring the MELT Method to you! Why? I have spent years with nagging aches and pains that I attributed to aging. A stressful job and a busy lifestyle compounded the effect on my body. My body was sending me signals, letting me know that my connective tissue was dehydrated, and I was living with STUCK STRESS. Ignoring those signals led to more problems.
My desire to live an active, pain-free life and help others on their journey is what led me to become a MELT instructor. MELT is easy to incorporate into your everyday life, “if I can do it, anyone can” is truly my motto.
Anyone, at any age can benefit from MELT! Are you a golfer, skier, dancer? I can help you improve balance and performance at every level. Desk job? I can help you reverse the negative effects sitting or computer work. Anyone, at any age, can benefit from MELT!
I am available for small group classes, one on one private sessions, and corporate wellness. Contact me at

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