Sharie Moss

Portland, OR, United States

Not long ago, I was stressed and in pain. Physical activity wasn’t fun anymore. I was getting injured more often and becoming exhausted from my workouts instead of revived. And I didn’t know why. Stress was also making life seem….hard.

Then a friend introduced me to MELT and it literally changed my life. My stress became more manageable. Physical activity was easier. And life became a lot more fun. That is why I became trained as a MELT instructor.
I love working with women, men, teens and even kids who want to reduce their nagging aches, calm their stress levels and finally feel more relaxed and at ease everyday. If you work on a computer sitting most of your day, are on your feet chasing around your children, or a teenager piled down with a lot stress from of homework and/or team sports aches, I can help you with MELT. It is for everyone!

I have ongoing group classes available now and one on one or private groups by request.

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