Roeshan Shadravan DOMP PhD

Encinitas, CA, United States

Roeshan is a performance, movement, and manual Sports Medicine Osteopath with a focus on pain management, nutrition, fascia, joint and neural health. She works with a broad range of clientele (Olympians, corporate executives, infants, sports teams, professional athletes, seniors, teens and everything in between).

Having been a competitive athlete and coach with a background in forensic science, Roeshan’s drive and talent to stay on top of the latest scientific research to find the true underlying cause of pain and imbalance in the body are unparalleled.

Roeshan works to restore balance, remove stress and relieve pain in your body, improving your quality of life, posture and athletic performance.

“While competing and traveling on the professional circuit; injury prevention, maintenance, and recovery were key components to feeling and doing my best”. My motto in life is “You deserve to feel your best and keep doing what you love in happiness and good health for a lifetime”.

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