Monika Adams

Port Orchard, WA, United States

I was introduced to MELT in 2012. As a manual therapist, I encourage self-care. I am excited to be able to share MELT’s easy to learn self-treatments which will help you get out of pain and stay out of pain.

Learn to MELT away pain, regain your strength, increase your range of motion, enhance your balance, experience better performance, and many clients report that they sleep better too!

I believe that MELT is the missing link.

I offer an Intro class one Saturday each month. Once you’ve attended an Intro (with me or another instructor) you are welcome to join me for any other MELT classes.

I also offer MELT Saturdays as a place to review moves and sequences, and develop MELT maps. I can ensure you are performing the moves correctly so that you get the most benefit out of your MELT practice.

RSVP to secure your spot in a class. Call or text any time: (360) 536-8092 –I look forward to sharing MELT with you!

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