Liz Barkan

New York, NY, United States

Liz has been a part of the MELT training since the beginning, teaching both MELT classes and workshops in NYC at the JCC in Manhattan. For 25 years has been on the cutting edge of fitness teaching, and was part of the first group of Indoor cycling classes led by Johnny G. Spinning, as well as being Schwinn Cycling certified. Keep it fun, fresh, safe and effective.. Myofacial tissue was the key to integrated fitness and the way to keep exercising safely for a lifetime. Liz has been teaching MELT to both the group fitness setting, and private clients. Each person has very specific needs, whether they are training for the Marathon, or are an injured athlete wanting to re-build or cross train, or just someone looking to get out of pain, or injury, and every day wear and tear. I love to educate, inspire and motivate my students to understand how their body works so they are empowered to make lasting changes towards greater health. As a is a former USCF bicycle racer, MELT changed my life.

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