Linda Minarik

New York, NY, United States

Linda Minarik has been continuously certified in group fitness with the American Council on Exercise since 1993, also holding a certifications in Gyrokinesis. Her specialties include Aerobic Dance and Water Aerobics. Linda currently teaches group fitness at the New York Health & Racquet Clubs and the Equitable Athletic and Swim Club, both in Manhattan. Her past training encompasses the Alexander Technique, the study of a soft style of karate, and a short stint of yoga practice.
Linda pursues the unusual fitness combination of ballet and bodybuilding. She is a long-time, serious student of classical dance, and currently working towards her novice competition in natural bodybuilding. She has recently branched out into rhythmic gymnastics, working privately with a former member of the Russian national team. Linda is a classically trained pianist, operatic mezzo soprano, and aromatherapist. You can contact her through her web site, She lives in New York City.

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