Karin Denny

Grand Junction, CO, United States

I got introduced to the MELT Method about 2009 during my recovery from a severe leg injury. I immediately noticed its benefits of supporting the healing process and regaining balance, strength and function much faster and more efficiently than with just common physical therapy modalities.
In my work as Rolf Structural Integration Practitioner I love, how my clients who include everyone from competitive athletes, people with chronic pain, clients recovering from acute injury or surgery, children with growing pains (especially scoliosis) and anyone suffering from stress overload, learn to utilize the MELT techniques to enhance my hands-on work.
It is beautiful to see a person grow out of their limitations and reach their true potential by being engaged in their own healing journey.
Not sure where or how to start? I’m here to help you and guide you every step of the way utilizing New Science, Sports Science, Anusara Yoga Principles, Structural Integration and other hands-on techniques.

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