Julie Funk

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

A movement artist from an early age rooted in traditional modern dance technique when the knowledge was not as present as it is now created tremendous imbalances in my body. MELT marks a real end of exploration into techniques and modalities to help me continue to work physically while managing pain ~ I did get myself to a tolerable place I was willing to live with but required practices that filled a lot of my time and did not always work ~ MELT whisks the last bit miraculously away and works consistently if I follow the rules ~ Freedom I thought was lost is being slowly reclaimed and lots of time freed up ~ MELT is present in all the classes I teach now ~ The results, connections and conversations have been amazing and so much of what I have wondered continually finds answers in studying what Sue has unleashed here for us ~ I have a cozy plant filled home studio that fits 3 people perfectly to MELT at a time and is an ideal way to experience it’s magic ~

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