Mary Uebersax

Paso Robles, CA, United States

As a holistic practitioner, I am passionate about complementary and alternative medicine. The last 25+ years have been creating moving and healing, specifically for clients in the Central California Coast. I weave together expertise in Therapeutic Massage, Yoga Practices, Pilates, and The MELT Method. I can attest personally that these practices assist in relaxation, muscle relief, and reduce or eliminate pain.

Mindful regard to all the senses is essential for our bodies. I offer group classes, customized workshops and one-on-one sessions for preventative health and to help reduce stress, increase strength, and enable the body’s natural flow.

I’ve currently added virtual programming which is ideal to review techniques, adapt MELT Map sequences and encourage clients to continually learn. I focus on my clients’ needs each time they come to me for any treatment or class. – because things do change!

For you who face unique challenges or are pre or post surgery let me help you research, evaluate, and prepare a plan.

I feel that The MELT Method has an important role in health for the individuals and families. Join me as I now share the MELT Method and NeuroStrength moves Use this link for information on upcoming classes, special product promotions or to explore the MELT Blog. or visit my website for more information.

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