Betsy Osterholm

Milford, CT, United States

With 30 years of personal/professional dedication to holistic health/fitness programming and coaching, Betsy’s passionate quest to help people heal and achieve optimal health led her to find the MELT Method in 2007. Being a holistic health coach and a dancer dealing with chronic pain, when she experienced the profound results of MELT’s simple techniques, she knew that it was a missing link to healing, pain-free living and sustaining optimal health. Betsy is a MELT Level 4 Instructor and personally pain-free! As Mgr of Health and Wellness for a global corporation for 17 years, she integrated MELT into the organization as an ergonomic and self-care solution, She is now the owner of two businesses, and, both focused on health, body and life transformation. In her work with individual clients, their unique holistic health solutions always include MELT! Email for info on virtual classes, events and individual sessions.

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