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MELT University is your place to discover the life-changing power of MELT®. Sue Hitzmann created the MELT Method® to simulate her own remarkable hands-on bodywork. Now you can discover how to share the MELT Method in a one-on-one or group environment in this series of practical, interactive trainings. Learn the latest in fascial science and discoveries about the nervous system, and what this all means for dealing with alignment, stress, chronic pain, and the negative effects associated with aging. Whether you are a fitness professional, physical therapist, massage therapist, chiropractor or other medical professional – or just a person fascinated by the workings of the human body, you can become a pioneer in pain-free living. Learn how to make a change in your own mind and body and share this game-changing approach with others so that they can lead a healthy, active, pain-free life.

Hand and Foot Instructor Training

You can learn the science behind the revolutionary MELT Method and how to apply this science by teaching the MELT Hand and Foot Treatments, a unique and gentle way to make remarkable whole-body changes.

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Advanced MELT Education

MELT Instructor Training, Level 1&2

Hand and Foot Instructors can learn to use the MELT Soft Body Roller. Discover how to become an expert in Hands-off Bodywork®. Learn to teach the MELT Moves and Sequences to address chronic pain and other issues and improve performance.

NeuroStrength Training, Level 1&2

Discover MELT NeuroStrength, an advanced MELT technique for qualified instructors that simulates the highly specialized hands-on therapeutic techniques of neuromuscular therapy, which are used to Reintegrate and Repattern optimal joint motion, erase compensatory patterns, and help people live pain free with a “hands-off” approach.

MELT for Pilates Training

MELT Instructors: Take your Pilates training to the next level with MELT for Pilates, which uses the soft MELT Half Roller to bring the precision of Pilates apparatus techniques to Pilates mat work and uses MELT Length moves to prepare the body for a deeper, more efficient Pilates workout.

Master Trainer Program

The MELT Master Trainer Program is a 12-month course designed to comprehensively prepare and train a select group of exceptional MELT Instructors to lead MELT trainings, covering numerous core competencies, including anatomy and physiology, connective tissue science, and leadership development.



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MELT Level 1 Online Training

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