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MELT University is the premier restorative and recovery education program used by top therapists and fitness professionals worldwide.

Thousands of like-minded practitioners working in the fields of fitness, therapeutic movement, and rehab — as well as physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and physicians — have learned how to integrate MELT into their clinical practice. Many teach MELT in a group fitness environment to impact more people in their local community and grow thriving businesses in self-care. With five levels of training, you’ll learn how to teach MELT as a stand-alone class or integrate MELT into your existing practice and help clients in a new way.

The Foundation of MELT

Innovating integrative, restorative approaches to mind-body health is the foundation of the MELT Method. Creating alignment of mind, body, and spirit means understanding how to implement innovations in neuroscience, fascial research, and mindful meditation into a simple self-care method. With the MELT University certification, you’ll expand your offerings and empower more people to improve their resilience, mobility, and stability through self-care regardless of age or fitness level. MELT is the missing link to pain-free living at any age.

How MELT Began

MELT creator Sue Hitzmann has been training professionals in the method since 2006. As a founding member of the Fascia Research Society, a 30-year international fitness presenter, and a top manual therapist, her expertise in applying cutting-edge neurofascial science has been sought-after for decades. Her New York Times best-selling book, The MELT Method, and her second best-selling book, MELT Performance, explain in layman’s terms what causes pain to become chronic and how fascia and the nervous system work together to maintain whole-body efficiency. The MELT Method has been translated into eight languages and has helped hundreds of thousands of people restore their health and live a pain-free life.

Joining the MELT Instructor community gives you:

  • Membership to the MELT Instructor Portal
  • Discounted pricing for reselling products
  • Personal profile page on the MELT website
  • Searchable listings of classes and workshops
  • Ongoing business support
  • Printable teaching resources
  • Printable downloads for clients
  • Discounted pricing for MELT On Demand
  • Monthly calls with Sue
  • Access to instructor-only forums
  • Online pre- and post-training courses
  • Continuing education videos and resources

MELT Instructor
Training Path

MELT University Training Path

Learn With Confidence

MELT trainings offer a supportive, interactive environment, where you’ll build your confidence as you practice teaching and refining your cueing in small breakout groups. Even before you show up at the live training, you’ll gain access to our online courses where you’ll strengthen your personal MELT practice, learn the language of the method, and embody the self-care techniques and sequences.

Create a Thriving Business

All MELT trainings include 1 year of MELT Instructor Membership, which is required to teach in a group environment. This membership includes everything you need to plan, market, and promote your classes, workshops, and one-on-one sessions. You’ll learn how to create MELT programs specific to the clientele you currently work, build a wider audience, and boost your income through new revenue streams

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