Level 3

Advance Your MELT Training Online

Level up your knowledge and skills with the MELT Level 3 Online Training. You’ll learn 20 new moves, including powerful reintegrate and repattern techniques from the MELT Performance book. Get everything you need to start teaching MELT Performance group classes and one-on-one sessions!

What You'll Learn

In this course, you’ll learn 20 advanced MELT moves using the Soft Roller, Soft Half Roller, and Performance Band. With a specific focus on improving the stability of the shoulder girdle, pelvis, neck and low back, this course will teach you how to relieve painful joint issues, identify compensatory movement patterns, and restore neurocore and sensorimotor control.

MELT Reintegrate and Repattern techniques are as beneficial to elite athletes as they are to those recovering from a hip or shoulder surgery. Adding the 2Rs of NeuroStrength to the MELT 4R’s protocol will help you boost performance and reduce joint pain like never before.

The prerequisite to this training is the Level 2 Training.

Get Trained Online

Facilitated through MELT University Online, this course provides you with a premier virtual platform to learn the Level 3 curriculum without having to leave your living room.

Each module includes:

  • Exclusive instructor training videos led by Sue Hitzmann
  • Neurofascial science presentations
  • Reading assignments in the MELT Performance book and Instructor Workbook
  • Q&A discussions
  • Open-book quizzes designed to help you test your knowledge

You’ll also participate in live Zoom sessions with Sue Hitzmann which will help you refine your skills, learn key modifications, and receive live feedback.

Upcoming Online Training

November 2020

📅 Start Date: November 17, 2020

Zoom Schedule:

December 4 from 11am-12pm ET
January 8 from 11am-1pm ET
January 29 from 11am-1pm ET
February 19 from 11am-1pm ET

Attendance of all Zoom sessions is required to earn your certificate of completion. If you miss a Zoom session, you will be required to schedule a make-up call with a Master Trainer for an additional fee. All make-up sessions must be scheduled within the 3-month course duration

$1,795 MSRP

Training Includes

  • Online Course + Zoom Sessions with Sue Hitzmann
  • Q&A Discussion Group
  • Instructor Workbook
  • 1-Year Instructor Membership
  • Soft Roller*
  • Soft Half Roller*
  • 10 Large Soft Balls*
  • Performance Band*
  • MELT Performance Book*

* Not included with L3 re-taker registration

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should you transfer your registration prior to the online pre-training start date, you will incur a transfer fee of $100. Should you transfer your registration after the online pre-training has started, you will incur a transfer fee of $250. In the case of multiple transfers, these fees apply for each transfer. Note: You may be required to re-submit any pre-training assignments. All transfer requests must be submitted via email to instructorinfo@meltmethod.com

Sue Hitzmann leads the Level 3 training. A team of experienced teaching assistants will also assist you, answer your questions, and give you opportunities to practice teaching in breakout groups.

Yes, MELT provides CEUs for AFAA, ACE, NASM, NCBTMB, and PMA. Other organizations may accept them on petition.

Should you cancel your registration prior to the online pre-training start date, your payment will be refunded minus a fee of $100*. Should you cancel your registration after the online pre-training has started, your payment will be refunded minus a fee of $250*. (Refunds require the return of instructor manual, where applicable.) Cancellations within two weeks of the training are non-refundable. All cancellation requests must be submitted via email to instructorinfo@meltmethod.com.

*After 90 days past the initial point of payment, credit card refunds cannot be processed. Refunds are available as store credit only.

Yes, all trainees are required to be present for the entire live training. All flights and travel arrangements should be made to ensure you are present for the daily training times. If for any reason you are unable to be present for the entire training, you will be required to complete additional assignments for an additional fee. If you miss an entire training day, you may be required to retake that day in another training in order to receive your certificate of completion.

If you cancel your registration before November 13th, you may receive a full refund to your credit card. Cancellations after November 13th will be refunded in MELT store credit. Refunds will only be processed upon return of the Instructor Workbook. If you wish to keep the additional tools shipped to you, a $300 product and restocking fee will be deducted from your refund. If you wish to return the tools, we offer a 30-day return period from receipt of goods. You will be responsible for the cost of return shipping.

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