MELT NeuroStrength™ Level 1 Training


Continue your MELT Professional Education.

This NeuroStrength™ Level 1 Training will be led by MELT creator Sue Hitzmann.

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The prerequisite for this training is MELT Instructor Level 2 Training  and a a MELT Instructor membership.

More about the training:

The focus of MELT NeuroStrength is restoring the stabilization mechanisms of the shoulder and pelvic girdles, and reintegrating NeuroCore control. NeuroStrength is the most advanced level of MELT Training and adds on the final two “R’s” of MELT: Reintegrate and Repattern. Reintegration techniques reacquire the neurological pathways of the deep stabilizing mechanisms so that proper timing of the appropriate muscles for core or girdle stabilization occurs before you Repattern joint movement. Together, these additional two R’s yield the stable, efficient movement necessary for an active, pain-free lifestyle.

NeuroStrength simulates highly specialized hands-on neuromuscular techniques designed to reintegrate joint stability, erase compensatory patterns and restore optimal joint motion. Athletic and sports specific training tend to increase your chances of repetitive stress injuries if joint instability is present. Learn 19 new moves that give you and your clients a new way to restore joint stability and control and take your ability to help others to a whole new level.

The required 6-week pre-training course will enhance your familiarity with MELT concepts and language, fine tune your knowledge and cuing, and give you an understanding of how the MELT moves you already know relate to NeuroStrength. You’ll also have an opportunity to practice and embody several key NeuroStrength moves prior to your arrival at the live training.
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Registration includes:

    • 35 hours of in-person training
    • 6-week interactive pre-training course
    • 1 set of post-training assignments
    • 1 MELT Performance Band

At the training:

    • MELT Soft Roller
    • MELT Soft Half Roller
    • MELT Performance Roller
    • MELT Performance Band
    • MELT NeuroStrength Level 1 Instructor Workbook

On completion of the training:

    • 14 new MELT Performance Bands
    • 10 Large Soft Balls

On successful completion of the entire training program, graduates will:

    • Be able to download a Certificate of Completion to submit for CEUs for ACE (3.5), AFAA (15), NASM (1.9), NCBTMB (35), and PMA (35). Other organizations may accept credits on petition.
    • Be listed on as a NeuroStrength Instructor Level 1
    • Receive a one-year MELT Instructor membership, a $300 value

As an active member, you will be able to teach in a one-on-one or group environment, including classes, intro workshops, events, and series. You will also be qualified to take further MELT training, including MELT NeuroStrength Level 1 training. Please note that further training requires a membership. One year after training, you can renew your membership by purchasing a membership paid either annually or monthly.

Pre-Training and Post-Training Course:
Included in your training cost is an interactive 6-week online pre-training course. Designed to deepen your embodiment of MELT science and techniques, this mandatory pre-training course consists of a variety of learning support tools, including move tutorial videos featuring MELT creator Sue Hitzmann, audio lectures, teaching assignments, open-book quizzes, and writing assignments. Please expect to allocate 3-5 hours per week toward completion of your pre-training assignments. Your active participation in the course is required.

Please note: Completion of the pre-training program is required to prepare for the MELT NeuroStrength Level 1 training and receive the MELT NeuroStrength Level 1 Certificate. All registrants – including those who have already taken an instructor training – must complete the pre-training course prior to attending the live training.

A short set of post-training assignments is due one month after the training.

If you would like to explore your travel options, please note that staying the night before the training will likely be essential for those flying in. The final day of training will end at 4 pm.

You are required to be present for the entire live training. All flights and travel arrangements should be made to ensure you are present for the daily training times. If for any reason you are unable to be present for the entire training, you will be required to complete additional assignments and receive mentoring support from a Master Trainer for an additional fee. If you miss an entire training day, you may be required to retake that day in another training in order to receive your certificate of completion. Missed sessions are handled on a case-by-case basis, however we strongly discourage trainees from missing any part of the live training. You will not be permitted to teach these techniques and your certificate will not be granted until all online and live training requirements have been met. If you foresee any issues with your ability to be present for the entire training, please email prior to your registration.

Note: Fitness and wellness professionals get the benefit of earning CEU’s from ACE, AFAA, NASM, NCBTMB, PMA. Other continuing education companies may accept MELT Training upon petition.
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Prior to attending the live training you will participate in a required self-paced, pre-training online. The pre-training is divided into four modules and should only take about 2-3 hours each. You will have access to a discussion group and receive direct feedback from the MELT Master Trainer team. We’ll send you everything you need to complete this pre-training course.


“Every passionate bodyworker or movement educator reaches the point where what they actually know falls short of what they need to know to help their clients heal and progress. At that juncture, it is time to embark on the new science of MELT.”


“The instant relief you see on people’s faces when they MELT their hands and feet is astonishing. For me it’s the foundation of the method and will transform how you use your body and revolutionize your teaching.”


“As a Muscular Therapist of over 30 years working with athletes of all levels, this is one of the most effective self-help tools I’ve come across. The global effect the Hand and Foot Treatment initiates in the connective tissue will have you coming back for more!”


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