Hand and Foot Instructor Training

This training is the first step on the path to becoming a MELT instructor. Learn how to teach the MELT Hand and Foot Treatments and the science behind the revolutionary MELT Method®.

Hand and Foot + Instructor Level 1 Training

This accelerated seven-day training combines the MELT Hand and Foot Instructor Training (normally 3 days) and the MELT Instructor Level 1 Training (5 days) into a condensed format that is designed specifically for individuals who know they want to become a MELT instructor.

MELT Instructor Level 1 Training

Practitioners from a variety of backgrounds will then be able to teach their students and clients how to relieve chronic aches and pains, prevent injuries, create effortless stability and movement, and much more – the keys to living a long, active, and pain-free life.

MELT Instructor Level 2 Training

This four-day training will focus on 24 advanced MELT moves, which will greatly expand your repertoire of advanced MELT sequences and allow you to take your MELT practice and your clients further in the world of Hands-Off Bodywork®.

MELT for Pilates Level 1

Students will learn preparatory MELT techniques to introduce in a Pilates mat class, half roller techniques to enhance and modify a beginning mat routine, and specific Pilates exercises to use as assessments for MELT Length techniques.

MELT NeuroStrength™ Level 1 Training

The focus of MELT NeuroStrength is restoring the stabilization mechanisms of the shoulder and pelvic girdles, and reintegrating NeuroCore control. NeuroStrength is the most advanced level of MELT Training and adds on the final two “R’s” of MELT: Reintegrate and Repattern.

MELT NeuroStrength™ Level 2 Training

Learn 17 additional Repattern and Reintegrate techniques including prone, kneeling, supine, and standing moves that you can use to help your students live and perform with greater efficiency.

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