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  • Please, do not do MELT on a hard roller. If you do not have a soft MELT roller yet, wrap your roller in a towel or yoga mat every time you MELT.

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  • Yes. Please note that additional charges for shipping, duty and taxes may apply. These fees are calculated upon import by destination country and paid by the customer.

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  • Please go to MELT Store Policy. If you have questions, send them to with your order number

  • Yes, the 3-disc MELT Method DVD walks you through the roller sequences and moves in the bestselling MELT Method book.

  • MELT products should only be used according to the product instructions detailed in the Hand and Foot Kit instructional booklet, The MELT Method book, MELT DVDs, online YouTube video demonstrations with Sue Hitzmann, and by the direction of trained MELT Method Instructors. While certain positions with the rollers can be modified using towels, foam disks, or yoga mats, we do not recommend using any additional props or products to perform MELT techniques. We recommend all clients read The MELT Method book prior to beginning their MELT practice to familiarize themselves with the science behind and instructions for each technique.

    When using MELT Performance Bands, you should always perform the techniques barefoot – shoes can break the bands! Make sure all floor spaces are clear of dirt prior to using your NeuroStrength Band on the floor and be mindful if you have long fingernails, as the elastic rubber on the bands can rip if used inappropriately.

  • Instructions are not included with the roller. The MELT DVD and the book offer directions on how to use the soft roller.

  • Please go to Contact Us and include your order number so we can send you a replacement.

  • Whether you use your MELT products solo or share them with others, we want to share the proper protocol for cleaning your MELT products:

    * MELT balls are a rubber-based material and can be sanitized using any disinfectant soap, such as Meyers liquid dish soap. Make sure to wash the balls in hot, soapy water for several minutes before setting them aside to dry. Let them air dry if you’re using a spray or mist disinfectant.

    * MELT rollers can be sanitized in multiple ways, including using disinfectant wipes and non-toxic yoga mat sprays. When using a yoga mat spray, however, it’s important you allow the roller to air-dry, rather than wipe it down, to ensure it is properly sanitized.

    Although the rollers are designed with a memory foam base, binding the roller with a yoga strap or leaning it against the edge of a shelf can permanently distort your roller and imprint a mark so keep your roller in a safe place with no distinctive pressure on it. Please do not put your roller near radiators, heating pads or other flammable objects to avoid damaging the materials.

MELT near you

  • To find an instructor or class in your area, go to Find MELT in the Finder section

  • If you have a diagnosed issue or disease, MELT can help improve your body’s healing potential. Start with the soft ball Hand and Foot Treatment, as described in the book, MELT On Demand, and DVDs. Remember to start slow, go easy (a maximum of 5 minutes at a time), and drink water before and after for best results.

    Read more about how MELT can be used in the MELT Method book.


  • The MELT Level 1 Training is the first step in the MELT University training path where you’ll learn how to teach the foundational techniques and self-care treatments from the New York Times best-selling book, The MELT Method. Earn your certification from home with MELT University Online!

  • Yes, more trainings across the country are being scheduled right now. Make sure you’re on the mailing list to hear about upcoming trainings.

  • Several trainings are scheduled and more are being scheduled all the time. Make sure you’re on the mailing list to hear about trainings.

  • MELT provides CEUs for AFAA, ACE, NASM, NCBTMB, and PMA. Other organizations may accept them on petition.


  • Our offers and coupons vary in length of time.  However, they expire at 11:59pm EST on the date of expiration.  Coupon and special offers cannot be extended past beyond expiration date.  To be among the first to know about upcoming offers and specials, please be sure to sign-up for our email mailing list on the footer of our homepage.  

    • 24 oz water
    • 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper or pinch of fresh cayenne
    • 1 tbs liquid ginger or fresh ginger shavings
    • 1 lemon
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