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Conference Calls

Listen to recordings of the most recent conference calls.

  1. HF Instructor Call 3/12/2018
    Sue answers Hand and Foot Instructor questions about contraindications, one-directional Rinsing, arthritis, instructing while injured, explaining the Autopilot, dialysis, and more!
  2. Performance Launch Call for NeuroStrength Instructors 07122017
    Check out this call just for NeuroStrength instructors about the launch of MELT Performance this September!
  3. MELT Membership Conference Call 3/2/2017
    Debbie and Allison discuss how the updated MELT instructor agreement may affect your domain name, business name, or location name.
  4. Instructor Call 3/07/2018
    A recording of the call from March 7, 2018. Topics included Body Sense, Assessments, frequent urination at night, modififying the Upper Body Compression sequence, cervical fusion, scoliosis, and MELT for opera singers!
  5. Hand & Foot Instructor Call 4/10/2017
    Sue answers instructor questions about knee replacements, breast cancer, SI joint pain and much more!
  6. Membership Agreement Call 2/23/2017
    Sue and Debbie walk you through the updated Membership Agreement, answering instructor questions submitted through our online form
  7. About Red Mountain Resort
    ~~Debbie and instructors discuss what makes Red Mountain Resort so special before Sue's trainings in 2016.
  8. Instructor Call 6/25/2018
    Sue talks about the rollers (they're in!) and the new instructor site (next month!) and answers questions about PTSD and trauma, videos in different languages, knee surgery, overweight clients, pelvic floor issues, endometriosis, and more.
  9. Hand and Foot Instructor Call 7/11/2018
  10. Instructor Call 7/19/2018
  11. Instructor Call 8/13/2018
  12. Instructor Call 9/17/2018
  13. Instructor Call 10/29/2018
  14. Hand and Foot Instructor Call 11/02/2018
  15. Instructor Call 12/12/2018
  16. NeuroStrength call 1/14/2019
  17. Instructor Call 2/11/2019
    Sue talks to instructors about fixes for nausea on the roller and how to treat a client with torn plantar fascia or other foot issues, car accident, dislocated shoulder, groin pain, and more.
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