Conference Calls

Listen to the most recent conference calls.

  1. Performance Launch Call for NeuroStrength Instructors 07122017
    Check out this call just for NeuroStrength instructors about the launch of MELT Performance this September!
  2. MELT Membership Conference Call 3/2/2017
    Debbie and Allison discuss how the updated MELT instructor agreement may affect your domain name, business name, or location name.
  3. Hand & Foot Instructor Call 4/10/2017
    Sue answers instructor questions about knee replacements, breast cancer, SI joint pain and much more!
  4. Membership Agreement Call 2/23/2017
    Sue and Debbie walk you through the updated Membership Agreement.
  5. About Red Mountain Resort
    Debbie and instructors discuss what makes Red Mountain Resort so special before Sue's trainings in 2016.
  6. Hand and Foot Instructor Call 7/11/2018
    Sue discusses the "why" of the small and firm balls, teaching people who "don't listen", Dupuytren's, itchiness during pregnancy, bunionettes, capsulitis, post-MELT soreness, and more.
  7. Instructor Call 7/19/2018
    Sue discusses twisting your knee, presenting the Facelift, lymphedema, thoracic outlet syndrome, trigger thumb, and more.
  8. Instructor Call 8/13/2018
    Sue discusses using the Body Buffer, MELT for scoliosis (released yesterday on MELT On Demand!), pregnancy and postpartum, Rib Side Bend, grip strength, Lyme disease, high blood pressure, your past MELT orders, and much more!
  9. Instructor Call 9/17/2018
    Sue discusses Rebalance Sequence modifications, shin treatments (just released on MELT On Demand!), MELT after rhizotomy, groin pain, plantar fasciitis, and so much more!
  10. Instructor Call 10/29/2018
    Sue discusses rib pain, shingles, Klein technique, hernias, upper and lower body length moves, diastasis recti, endometriosis, and much more!
  11. Hand and Foot Instructor Call 11/02/2018
    Sue discusses programming classes and series, retaking the Hand and Foot Instructor Training, weight limits on the Hand and Foot Balls, eye issues and the MELT Facelift treatments, carpal tunnel, and much more!
  12. Instructor Call 12/12/2018
    Sue discusses frozen shoulder, nerve pain on the top of the foot, Harrington rods, fluid buildup, clicking in the shoulder girdle, Tarlov cysts, cholesterol medications, and so much more!
  13. NeuroStrength call 1/14/2019
    Sue discusses the Clam, Side Leg Lift, and other NeuroStrength moves.
  14. Instructor Call 2/11/2019
    Sue talks to instructors about fixes for nausea on the roller and how to treat a client with torn plantar fascia or other foot issues, car accident, dislocated shoulder, groin pain, and more.
  15. Hand and Foot Instructor Call 2/13/2019
    Sue talks to Hand and Foot Instructors about MELT for someone undergoing a bone graft in their jaw, recovery after lipoma removal, working with children, and clients who ache after treatments.
  16. Instructor Call 3/14/2019
    Sue discusses technical issues and preparing for the Performance book tour and answers instructors' questions about MELT for the common cold, working with seniors, calf muscles and hip instability, running, arthritis, sciatica, and more (plus bonus audio!)
  17. Instructor Call 4/17/2019
    Sue talks about preparing for the MELT Performance book tour, how to get the lowest prices on the upcoming retreats, and some big news about products and prices.
  18. Instructor recording 4/17/2019
    Sue talks about joint replacements, osteoporosis, scoliosis, neck pain, braces, dizziness, and much more.
  19. All Members Call 5/15/2019
    Sue gives us an update on the launch of MELT Performance, technical issues, and your next steps.
  20. Instructor recording 5/15/2019
  21. Instructor Call 6/20/2019
    Sue answers instructor questions about tennis elbow, hip pain, Parkinson's, thoracic outlet syndrome, stretching, and more.
  22. Hand and Foot Instructor Call 9/5/2019
    Sue discusses lymphatic leukemia, hammer toes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, and more.
  23. Instructor Call 9/18/2019
    Sue answers instructors' questions about working with older clients, pelvic pain, working with difficult clients, severe foot pain, recovering from lower body injuries, shoulder pain, and more!
  24. Instructor Call 10/9/2019
    Sue talks to instructors about working with pregnant and postpartum clients, hip and low back pain, creating a yoga and MELT workshop, building your MELT business, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, hot flashes, and so much more! 
  25. All Members Call 11/18/2019
  26. All Members Call 12/18/2019
  27. Instructor Call 1/23/20
  28. All Members Call 021920
  29. All Members Call 03/19/20
  30. All Members Instructor Call 04/15/20
  31. All Members Instructor Call 05/21/20
  32. All Members Instructor Call 06/18/20
  33. All Members Call 07/16/20
  34. All Members Instructor Call 9/3/20
  35. All Members Call 09/24/2020
  36. All Members Call 10/15/20
  37. All Members Instructor Call 11/19/20
  38. All Members Instructor Call 12/17/20
  39. All Members Instructor Call 1/21/21
  40. All Members Call 2/18/21
  41. All Members Instructor Call 3/18/21
  42. All Instructor Call 4/21/21
  43. All Members Call 4/22/21
  44. All Member Instructor Call 5/28/21
  45. All Member Instructor Call 5/28/21
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