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  1. Manual therapy as an effective treatment for fibrosis in a rat model of upper extremity overuse injury
    Geoffrey M. Bove, Michele Y. Harris, Huaqing Zhao, Mary F. Barbe
  2. Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Pain
     Allan I. Basbaum, Diana M. Bautista, Grégory Scherrer, and David Julius
  3. Responsiveness of the Plantar Fascia to Vibration and/or Stretch
    Frenzel, Schleip, Geyer
  4. Proprioception, Tensegrity, and Motor Control
     Simon C. Gandevia
  5. The Stresses and Strains of Tensegrity
     T. Richard Nichols
  6. Our Internal Universe
    Stephen M. Levin
  7. The Bodywide Fascial Network as a Sensory Organ for Haptic Perception
     Robert Schleip, Franz Mechsner, Adjo Zorn, Werner Klingler
  8. The Media for Haptic Perception and for Force Transmission in Movement Are the Same
    P. A. Huijing, J. van der Kamp, & C. A. Yucesoy
  9. The Medium of Haptic Perception: A Tensegrity Hypothesis
    M. T. Turvey & S. T. Fonseca
  10. The functionality of dysfunction
    L Chaitow
  11. What binds us together?
    L. Chaitow
  12. The role of the myofibroblast in tumor stroma remodeling
    Marcela Otranto, Vincent Sarrazy, Frédéric Bonté, Boris Hinz, Giulio Gabbiani, and Alexis Desmoulière
  13. Breathing pattern disorders, motor control, and low back pain
    L Chaitow
  14. Recent Developments in Myofibroblast Biology: Paradigms for Connective Tissue Remodeling
    Boris Hinz, Sem H. Phan, Victor J. Thannickal, Marco Prunotto, Alexis Desmoulière, John Varga, Olivier De Wever, Marc Mareel, Giulio Gabbiani
  15. Fascial Disorders: Implications for Treatment
    Antonio Stecco, Robert Stern, Ilaria Fantoni, Raffaele De Caro, Carla Stecco
  16. Painful Connections: Densification Versus Fibrosis of Fascia
    Piero G. Pavan, Antonio Stecco, Robert Stern, Carla Stecco
  17. Fascia redefined: anatomical features and technical relevance in fascial flap surgery
     Carla Stecco, Cesare Tiengo, Antonio Stecco, Andrea Porzionato •  Veronica Macchi, Robert Stern, Raffaele De Caro
  18. Fascial Components of the Myofascial Pain Syndrome
    Antonio Stecco, Marco Gesi, Carla Stecco, Robert Stern
  19. Effect Of MELT Method On Thoracolumbar Connective Tissue
    Accepted abstract for 2015 Fascia Research Congress
  20. Functional anatomy of gluteus maximus
    Here’s a research study on the lower fibers that have the role of stabilizing the SI joint.
  21. Cell Biology Meets Rolfing: the creation of the Fascial Research Congress
    Read this article about the creation of the Fascial Research Congress!
  22. Effect of MELT Method on Thoracolumbar Connective Tissue: The full study
  23. A comprehensive view of the Neurofascial Stabilizing Element of the Living Body Model
  24. A Review of Heart Rate Variability and its Applications
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