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MELT Instructors are pioneers in preventing the negative effects of aging and active living. Our instructors have the tools to help heal and prevent injury and pain brought on by misuse and overuse – and to teach others to do the same through self-treatment. MELT Hands-off Bodywork™ techniques can be utilized one-on-one or taught in a group.

Because MELT complements any type of health, fitness, wellness, rehabilitative, or therapeutic modality, we attract a wide variety of professionals. Our instructors integrate MELT into massage therapy, manual and physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, social work, psychotherapy, yoga, Pilates, personal training, and group exercise.

The MELT Education Series is comprised of a series of distinct trainings. You may choose to take one, two, or more trainings, but you must begin with the first course, MELT Hand and Foot Instructor Training, also referred to as the New Science of the Human Body.

When you become a MELT Instructor, you gain business and mentoring support with our MELT Member Benefits. Join a community of like-minded individuals in a private online area of this site. This community and this company are here to support you in building your professional capabilities and expanding your practice. We will help you promote yourself to a wide and diverse array of prospective clients through our interactive website and professional promotional materials. You will have access to cutting-edge continuing education, instructional downloads, discounted products, and online support and forums – exclusively for MELT instructors.

Become a part of this growing network of therapists and instructors looking to help people live an active, healthy, pain-free lifestyle and reduce the negative effects of aging.


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Membership benefits


After your training: The benefits of membership 


Membership takes your training to the next level, opening up access to continuing education, instructor resources, marketing support, and the growing community of MELT instructors. As a member of meltmethod.com, you will also have access to discounts on products for use and resale. Members gain unique promotional opportunities and the ability to publicize their classes and events. Please note: Only MELT members are authorized to teach MELT techniques in a group setting.



Members have access to discounts on a wide variety of products for use and resale, including all products available on meltmethod.com. Discounts depend on your level of training and membership.


In addition, members are able to retake MELT trainings at a substantial discount:

  • Retake the Hand and Foot Instructor Training for more than 70% off the consumer price
  • Retake the Instructor Training for more than 60% off the Hand and Foot Instructor price 



Members enjoy marketing and promotion support for themselves and their classes and events. Let MELT help you as you grow your business.


  • A personalized listing on meltmethod.com, featuring your name, photograph, and level of training
  • A personalized profile page with your contact information and bio on meltmethod.com
  • Ability to list classes and events on meltmethod.com
  • Materials to introduce MELT to a club or facility and promote classes and workshops, including business and marketing materials
  • Ability to order printed FAQs
  • Ability to order MELT business cards



Members have access to continuing education, instructor-only materials, and instructor support. Please note: Your level of access depends on your level of training and membership. 


  • Authorized to teach MELT group classes and workshops
  • Access to order reduced-price instructor-only products, including custom kits, balls, and bunion bands
  •  Access to audio downloads
  • Regular member teleconference with Sue
  • Access to Sue and her team: client issues and questions, store and membership issues, support for club marketing, suggestions for workshops
  • Access to Instructor Forum for instructor questions
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities with other MELT Instructors
  • Ability to register for further MELT training