Become an Instructor

MELT Instructors are pioneers in preventing the negative effects of aging and active living. Our instructors have the tools to help heal and prevent injury and pain brought on by misuse and overuse – and to teach others to do the same through self-treatment.

Because MELT complements any type of health, fitness, wellness, rehabilitative, or therapeutic modality, we attract a wide variety of professionals. Our instructors integrate MELT into massage therapy, manual and physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, social work, psychotherapy, yoga, Pilates, personal training, and group exercise.

MELT Hands-off Bodywork™ techniques can be utilized one-on-one or taught in a group. The specific techniques and setting – one-on-one or group – depends on your level of MELT Education. The MELT Education Series is comprised of three distinct trainings. You may choose to take one, two, or all three trainings, but you must begin with the first course, MELT Hand and Foot Instructor Training, also referred to as the New Science of the Human Body.

  • Graduates of the 21-hour MELT Hand and Foot Instructor Training will have the scientific knowledge and tools to use the MELT Hand and Foot Treatment with one-on-one clients or groups.
  • After completing the 35-hour MELT Instructor Training Level 1, you'll be equipped to use all of the MELT techniques, including Assessment, Core Integration, Neck and Low Back Decompression, Hand and Foot, Length, and Hydration techniques. You will also be able to create individualized MELT treatment programs for one-on-one sessions.
  • The multiple MELT Immersion Series are advanced and refresher courses for MELT Instructors. This is a great way to keep up with your skills and practice with your peers.

When you become a MELT Instructor, you gain business and mentoring support with our MELT Member Benefits. Join a community of like-minded individuals in a private on-line area of this site. This community and this company are here to support you in building your professional capabilities and expanding your practice. We will help you promote yourself to a wide and diverse array of prospective clients through our interactive website and professional promotional materials. You will have access to cutting-edge continuing education, instructional downloads, discounted products, and online support and forums – exclusively for MELT Instructors.

Become a part of this growing network of therapists and instructors looking to help people live an active, healthy, pain-free lifestyle and reduce the negative effects of aging.