Plantar Fasciitis

The Connective Tissue Issue

So some people think the connective tissue is just an inactive, passive, packing material in the human body. Just a tissue that is around muscles and bones giving each important thing its own space and autonomy yet providing inherent connection. 

When it comes to pain symptoms in they body I am here to tell you, the connective tissue is no passive system. This tissue can cause you pain. It has been suggested by new research that the connective tissue has the ability to damage, adapt, and even react to our internal and external environment. Don't believe it? Well, consider this. For the thousands of people who have ever been diagnosed by their doctor as having: plantar fasciitis (heel pain), IT band syndrome, tennis elbow even fibromyalgia, are all... are you ready for this... connective tissue disorders or issues. All of those things, the plantar fascia, the iliotibial band, the biceptial aponeurosis, and the fibrous myofascia are all connective tissue. When this tissue is damaged, it hurts... a lot. This isn't a muscle issue... it's a connective tissue issue!

So how can you help heal your connective tissue pain? You need to MELT! MELTing is a self-treatment technique that rejuvenates the connective tissue around your muscles and bones. Once thought to be an inactive, unimportant tissue has been suggested to be one of the missing links to long-term wellness and longevity. To tap into this system, we used to think we had to go to see a manual therapist or hands-on specialist to access this resourceful tissue and induce a change in it. And only when this tissue is damaged do people take action to do something about it in the first place. But now you can learn how to stay proactive and rejuvenate this tissue so it feels better.

In the next few months we will have more downloads, and audio files that you can use to reconnect to this vital tissue! Get MELTed and get out of pain!!

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