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The Healing World Within You

goutDo you suffer from chronic pain? We have all experienced acute trauma in some way or other. Bumping your head on a cabinet, missing a step, slipping on ice, falling, tripping, getting hit by an object, cutting a finger… acute trauma is tough to avoid. Like my mom always says, “Accidents happen, that’s why they call them accidents. You don’t know they are coming so you can’t really avoid them.”

The Gift of Gil Hedley

Sue, Lab with GilToday, for the very first time on national television, human fascia from a living body will be viewed by all that tune in on the Dr. Oz show. I’ve been very privileged to be a part of a growing network of “fascianatos” – people desiring to understand how the human body sustains its integrity, longevity, and overall good health. Science is just scratching the surface to explain this relatively unstudied element of the human body – fascia.

How Do You Heal When You Hurt?

brain constructionPain is a construct of the mind. The brain creates the sense of pain as a way to let you know something is wrong and the brain can’t figure out what it is. It’s trying to point out a communication error in your body so you will stop and help out. This is an amazing, protective response the brain produces as a way to preserve life.

What Was That Fuzz?

In most dissections, cadavers are embalmed. This leaves those of us looking to view the cadaver as a model infinite time to slowly move through the landscape of the human form.

Looking beyond the confines of posture

epimysial fuzzWithin our body is a network that is not only surrounding every structure to give it shape and protection but a system that is working independent of biomechanical movement. It reacts, adapts, conforms, mutates, and creates tensional integrity of our entire being.

Restoring Tensional Integrity

See, even tuna has fascia! What a perfect image of the "fuzz" Gil Hedley is now rather famous for in his "Fuzz Speech" you can find on Youtube. He talks about how every morning when you move and stretch to wake up, the fuzz melts and reliquifies.

Experiencing the Gift

This past weekend, I got to do what it is I enjoy most... I got to teach and talk to a group of individuals ready to step out of the box. The "New Science of the Human Body" workshop is now my favorite two-day experience. Before me sat 30 individuals who are educators, teachers, students, and entrepreneures of "learning the body better". We spent 14 hours together looking deeper into the body than most models go. We defined by viewing microscopically this dynamic supporting, communicating system in the  body that I call the "neurofascial system". This is the science that combines neuro-science and connective tissue research and shows why we all need to learn more about these two components of our body if we are going to maintain an active, healthy, pain-free lifestyle... not only better... but longer.


It is the profound work of Gil Hedley, Robert Schleip, J.C. Guimberteau, Elaine DeBeauport, along with my own empiracle study and passion that I am able to talk about this system as an expert of neurofascial application and research. This October I had the pleasure of speaking to 30 not only brilliant but diverse individuals spanning the fields of personal trainer, manager, and consultant to acupuncture, massage therapist, and chiropractor to expand their knowledge on how to help a body achieve greater efficiency and longevity.


Each person in the room stayed so present and in the moment, day one flowed without a hitch. A new model presented, and the embodiment begins! Day two began with profound quetions,(and long-winded answers on my side) to build on the ideas and impress upon them the importance of knowing more about the connective tissue and what I define as the "autopilot" providing every human body support, protection, and whole-body communication and is functioning out of our conscious control. We learned how to tap into this sytem without "over loading" the network that links our parasympathetic nervous system to our connective tissue.

To me, a weekend like this is a gift. The students, a treasure, the learning... priceless. As the months progress and the work sinks into the bodies of the participants, I can only wonder what the results will be. More on the evolution of the learning soon!

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