Connective Tissue and The Fibroblasts Defined

stem cellWhen I first learned about connective tissue I was told it was an “accessory tissue”. What in the hell does that even mean? Why would my body have any accessory item in it at all? It’s like calling the tissue jewelry. You don’t need it, it’s just there to make things pretty. NOT TRUE.

My Cellular Obsession

fibroblastsFor those who read my blog or have heard me speak about aging and longevity, it’s obvious I have a cell obsession. As aging is not a disease, there will never be a cure for the slow entropy that occurs from daily living. I know I am going to age, I just plan to do it later in life.

Helping preserve the cells that heal you

fibroblasts cellsYour body is an incredible living system made up of billions of cells. If you are hurt, your cells work together to repair the damage. They communicate using their own language of chemical signals thus, it’s hard for the layperson sometimes to understand just how profound the body’s natural healing process is.

Beyond the Boundaries of Myofascia

I am sure I've blogged about this before but as I head off to San Francisco to attempt yet again to get people up in that area to break out of the myofascial mold and become more open minded as to just what our connective tissue system does for sustaining good health and movement over a lifetime. I am coming, are you listening?

Got Cells

CellsOkay, okay I admit I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to all this fascia stuff. But hey, you have to be curious about something.

Fascial Stretch?

I saw this article in the running times that has me up in a bit of fix. Although most of the article is valid and of course quotes and sites my pal Tom Myers whom I have grown to know and love as a peer and colleague in the field of fascial education it leaves a reader with a bit of a misleading notion.

Water, Water, Water

“Water water water. Is it really that important that I drink it? I mean, can’t I just drink coffee and tea… or soda… maybe some vodka…or any liquid really?

What’s a fibroblast?

Okay, when it comes to connective tissue I’m full of answers. Though many would make a layperson’s eyes roll into the back of their skull, it’s taken me time to do my best to simplify what’s been burned into my brain, causing me to become a Somanaut or inner explorer of the body. Talking about fibroblasts is technical but here's as simple an idea as I can offer for a blog...

Fascia: Clinical Applications for Health and Human Performance

As many of you already know, my obsession regarding fascial education has been steadfast for over 15 years.

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