Corp-PHIT Experience

It's time that all large corporations offered their employees an innovative group program that could become a solution to maintaining a pain free, active lifestyle for improved performance, decreased absenteeism, and increased unity in the workforce.

Left Coasters Get MELTed!

I've just returned from a fantastic two weeks out west both training new MELT InstructorsMelt San Francisco and doing intro classes from San Francisco (pic right) to Orange County (pic left)! It was a great experience and I am excited to see our "Left-Coaster" MELT crew brew!!!

I'll be back out west for the Full MELT Instructor Training March 24th-27th. The event in Orange County was such a success, I am also adding some intro classes down in San Diego March 21st and 22nd so keep your eye open on Facebook and if you are part of our website email listing, I'll be sending info out there as well with coupons.

On tap next week... RICHMOND VIRGINIA JCC will host the New Science Training and I will also be at the IDEA Personal Trainer Summit in Alexndria, VA doing 3 special events! I think those are sold out but there are some special MELT Intro Classes at the Richmond VA that anyone can attend and experience how easy it can be to eliminate chronic pain!

We are making great headway with our soon-to-be best seller book with Harper One and I even had the pleasure of not only meeting my new publishers and editors but having them attend the MELT Sessions at the JCC in San Francisco!

So west coast peeps - GET READY TO MELT! The instructors I trained are ready to go and many will be hosting events in March and April so MELT is on the way and we are spreading it all over the west coast!
I look forward to my return next month! Also on tap, we are finally shoot the videos for the full body treatments, we are nearly done with a new store where YOU can become a member and get free downloads and help from our MELTers, and there are upcoming trainings in NYC in March!
For the rest of the country and even Canada, I am trying to get to Orlando, Florida in April, Toronto and Montreal late May, and Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, and possibly Chicago and Seattle before the end of the year! MELT is coming so stay tuned!


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