back pain

Changing Pain Symptoms One Person At A Time

Denver MELTI’m in the first leg of my 26 city book signing tour. My MELT Method book is gaining some notoriety quite quickly it seems. Although I began developing MELT over a decade ago, it’s taken many years to develop a language, products, and now, a book anyone can now use to help get out and stay out of the chronic pain cycle.

The Downward Spiral of Spinning

It'runners the dirty little secret of fitness. Those of us who engage in an active lifestyle are often times the ones with the most injuries and pain.

Did Someone Say Sciatica?

Back Line LengthOne of my favorite MELT Instructors asked me a question about sciatica on our MELT Forum. Sciatica is frequently misdiagnosed, undertreated, and even ignored until the pain is so severe that standing and walking are almost unbearable.

It's an Autopilot, Not a Core Anyway.

It may come as a shock to people but "the core" isn't just about muscles when it comes to how it functions as a stability system. Most exercises considered "core strength" techniques don't really improve this system when it comes to the dynamics of how it functions as a system of stability... and not just "a" system... the epicenter of whole-body balance.

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