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Stem Cell Treatment – Science is making headway

One of my fascinations of the human body is DNA and Stem Cells as they are the gateway to rejuvenating health on many levels. In European research labs they have been testing different treatments ranging from strokes and Alzheimer’s to neurological conditions and even cancer treatments.


However, most of the data obtained is from client testimonials, not published results or peer reviewed studies. That doesn’t mean it’s not real, it’s just not quite ready for mainstream protocol regarding treatment for diseases. But it is coming.


Even in the US in top research labs like Johns Hopkins are making headway with stem cell therapy for multiple neurological conditions and brain cancer. So the studies are promising but not quite ready for clinical use. However, if you have a loved one in the US with any of the above disorders, I would check out and see what they are up to. It’s just a matter of time, funding, and patient study that will bring stem cell treatment to the forefront of how we help people age better. There may never be a “cure” for aging but with stem-cell research, I am sure it’s just a matter of time that they figure out how to harness this type of information to make people live much longer. The question remains however, “Will the quality of life be better or will we just add years to the end of our life?” You never know, they may even learn how to reverse the aging process and capture the rejuvenation of the elastin and collagen fibers in our connective tissue resource to revitalize our body back to its youth.


Until that day, use MELT to keep your joints feeling supple and mobile and bring your body back to an ideal state everyday! Check out this quick Back Relief Mini-MELT Map for a rejuvenating self-treatment today!

MELT For Motorcyclists

This past weekend I went up to visit my mother who has decided to move yet again along with all of her possessions that she has kept for the last 30 years. You would think at some point the idea of unloading things prior to a move would come across her mind but... instead I just go up and pack it up from place to place.

But while I was up in Albany I got some reprieve by spending some time with friends I rarely if ever get to see anymore. I headed up to spend the day in Saratoga and got treated to a motorcycle ride. Although I love being on the bike, the speed, the feel of the road, I have to be honest, half way through the ride I just kept thinking, "man, I can't wait to get back to the house to MELT my upper back and neck!" Holy cow that helmet, the heavy jacket, the body position, regardless if you are driving or just hanging on for the ride, that posture you have to take to ride is tough on the neck, low back and for sure the entire curve of the spine.

So that being said, for my friends who buzz about on two wheels, this MELT Map is for you!

I would suggest the hand treatment before and the body MELTing after for best results to decrease the amount of shear force at the lower cervical spine after riding!
MELT for Motorcyclists.pdf

WEGO Health Website - A new find!

So as part of my social network I am always trying to find new ways to meet other practitioners and people who blog about stuff I am interested in. Well, recently I found and I have to say, I like it! The community is still small but people post great info.



This one I just finished reading. Interesting info and of course now I am trying to find the research papers she is talking about! I am on it! In the meantime, check out this site and this particular post by Circle+Bloom:

MELT Method FACEBOOK Business Page Disappears

After nearly 2 years and over 1500 friends, family, business network, and colleagues, my MELT Method Business Page on FACEBOOK has DISAPPEARED! Very sad for me to lose so much content and history using Facebook and social media in this way.

Although I have contacted support at Facebook, I have yet to even get a reply! So in light of this bummer, I hope some of you will see this blog and refriend my business page! Thank you in advance for all of your continued support and I hope to build a new business page better and more interactive than the last!
Blast to you Facebook.

Acupuncture and Connective Tissue… among other things

At least twice a month and as much as twice a week, I have experienced about a dozen different styles of acupuncture.  Using needles of different circumferences to help bring a body back to balance is a form of healing that has been used for centuries. I have personally experienced MIRACULOUS results from acupuncture sessions and I have also had some not-so-great experiences and have even cultivated quite a network of the best-of-the-best in NYC (as well as a list of the not-so-great practitioners).

I would say that at least 50% of the result you get from a session is reliant on the skill of the practitioner. But what I have learned about connective tissue reveals some scientific findings on what the other 50% is reliant upon. What is it that occurs when you put those needles in your body? What is the chemical, fluid adaptations that occur and why? (I know it’s probably crazy to hear some even thinks about this stuff for no other reason that curiosity but I do…)

One chemical that was speculated to adapt through certain types of acupuncture techniques was adenosine.

Recent studies have finally confirmed that the role adenosine is significantly altered during an acupuncture session.

Adenosine is a neurotransmitter. It plays an important biological role and it also happens to be an important component of DNA and RNA. On a medical level, adenosine can be administered for a number of reasons through injections or inhalations. However, in many tests, doing either has negative effects in some people. People like asthmatics who were monitored after inhaling adenosine. It has been reported to cause broncho-constriction in asthmatic patients but this symptom was not reported in normal subjects.

However, natural adenosine that our body develops also plays a role in regulating sleep, its effects on heart rhythm,  and has anti-inflammatory properties. You can call it a “pain-killer” because it is the molecule that inhibits nerve signals if they become active in the superficial fascia and skin after injury which would cause you to feel less pain.

There has been a recent study that finally looked beyond the superficial happenings but looked deeper into the sub layers of fascia using acupuncture needles. In the article linked here you can read about the peripheral nervous system and what acupuncture needles do to create positive responses in these deep, vital layers of tissue I have been obsessed over for years.

So for all of my skeptics out there who need proof of complimentary methods of treatment, take a look at where the research is going. It only took 4,000 years for enough positive results for researchers to take notice. But one of the reasons it is taking such high note of course is that adenosine as a chemical compound is used in NUMEROUS surgeries and medications. I hope it won’t take 4,000 years for me to do a study on MELTing. I’m patient but let’s be real.

Read this article on acupuncture as well and remember, a little self-care goes a long way in keeping you healthy and active for a long lifetime of fun and living.

Does massage help improve blood flow to muscles?

There was a recent article in the NY Times where associate professor, Michael Tschakovsky performed a study to answer this question: “Does massage increase blood flow to muscle and/or reduce the quantity of lactic acid after treatment?" His specialty is the study of blood flow to muscles, particularly in diseases like diabetes by the way.


I love science. I love testing things so this type of study I think is perfect. It’s not trying to determine too much at one time. So, it’s not the type of test that is trying to determine, “Does massage make people feel better or reduce depression or improve our ability to endure stress.” See, those types of tests are very vague not to mention bias. Those things are very hard to determine because it’s very relative to each individual and seeing we are all so diverse… and so on. Here what we have is a smart professor who was curious about if massage was doing what many massage therapist say their hands-on work does.


Regardless of the benefits or effects of increasing blood flow or reducing lactic acid, they are simply testing if massaging a body right after bringing a muscle to total fatigue does either. It’s not dismissing that massage has benefits of some nature and in the article even Tschakovsky says he gets a massage frequently regardless of what his study shows.


So basically how they performed the study is they had 12 dudes squeeze a handgrip repeatedly, putting their forearm to exhaustion and then put a catheter into a deep vein that “drains” the muscle to test lactic acid build up and viewed blood flow with an ultrasound machine.


You would think that massaging a muscle right after doing strenuous muscular exercise would increase blood flow to the muscle, help improve muscle performance and strength. But if you think about it, if you squeeze your arm, do you think your squeeze increased or decreases blood flow? The answer is, it decreases blood flow and that’s just what Tschakovsky found. Think about it. You squeeze a body part, blood flow will be pushed away from where you are squeezing, at least for a moment.


As for lactic acid, it has been widely thought of as the “waste” that is created during excessive muscle contraction that inhibits muscles from efficiently firing in a consistent way. Fatigue sets in and ultimately your body goes to failure.


However, the lactic acid is understood as a chemical reaction that actually provides an entirely different function in my field of expertise. The production of lactic acid is a good thing. After movement, lactic acid is actually reabsorbed and used as fuel that muscles absorb to regenerate and return to efficient function. So removing it in the first place doesn’t sound like something you want to do anyway… and of course they also found that massage decreases muscle absorption of lactic acid, which is totally contradictory to many massage therapists beliefs. I of course am not a massage therapist so I am not surprised at the finding but hey, to my massage lovers, it’s okay that it’s not improving muscle absorption of lactic acid because it feels sooo good!


Last month I wrote a blog about DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and linked to an article where new science is proposing DOMS is actually CAUSED by an adaptation in the CONNECTIVE TISSUE and the ache you feel 24-48 hours after strenuous activity is caused by that adaptation. The fatigue or damage is in the connective tissue, the muscle cell adaptation is relatively unnoted and lactic acid is NOT what makes you feel sore a day or two after exercise. So let’s not be too bummed about the fact that right after muscle use massage doesn’t eliminate lactic acid or help with it’s absorption into muscle.


Because, here’s the thing… who in the heck is getting a massage between sets of bench press or push-ups anyway? Will these findings stop you from getting a massage? Did it stop the professor? Nope. And even his wife told him not to cancel her appointment for her massage.


No one is saying that getting a massage the day after you do a serious leg day at the gym and have sore muscles isn’t going to make you feel better. Believe me, it helps. But it’s not because it’s helping your muscles anyway. And here’s where I must yet again put in my two cents.


What I would love to see is SOMEONE in the US actually do a study on CONNECTIVE TISSUE and what affects massage has on this tissue. Also what happens when the connective tissue is dehydrated and adhered or less extensible than it should be for optimal movement efficiency which IS happening in everyday living!


In any event, it’s a relevant article, and I’d love to sit with the professor and see if we could elaborate on his findings and sway him to do his next study on something even more important. The behavior of connective tissue after massage. Go science!

For those of you like me who want more info on the science part and actually like reading the abstracts, check out the actual study:



And The World Keeps MELTing

Well I feel like I have been out of the loop for blogging. I have literally 3 blogs with such great info I want to send out to all of you but I have to tell you with all that's going on, this is about the most FULL summer roster I have ever seen! As a single business owner of a VERY growing business it's enough for me to take a shower everyday let alone blog about all the things I want to share with people who want to know what I know... which is to say about longevity, aging, and complimentary therapies, I must by now be considered an expert of all of them!

So what's up with all things MELT??? Well, I am not sure where to start. Should I tell you about all of our AMAZING instructors who are out there teaching this method from NY to CA and up as far as Montreal and south to Florida? Should I tell you that Debbie Karch and I are about to dive into writing the MELT Method book, soon to be published by Harper One with our expert editor Nancy Hancock? Or what about the 7 instructor trainings, conventions, and workshops I am doing between today and September 1st?! And then there is my personal life with the challenges I am sure we all must endure at some point as we deal with both our own aging and that of our parents!


All I can say is that things are in FULL SWING here at the MELT hub in NYC and we are just getting going. It is a whirlwind filled with everything from making "sizzle reels" to on-line videos. We are moving ahead. If you have not MELTed yet... what are you waiting for? My book? Well, it's coming soon. 2011 is going to be the MELT year on a global level. Watch what's about to happen!

MELT Returns to Connecticut TOMORROW!!!

One of our very best MELT Instructors, Amanda Cizek will make an appearance at the beautiful Fuller Yoga Studio in Hartford, CT this Sunday! There are two classes Amanda will be hosting:
10:00a-11:30a     90 Minute Intro to MELT
12:00p-1:00p       Intro to MELT Core

These are two of my favorite programs as you get to dive into the nuances of MELTing in a short amount of time. The MELT Core techniques are nothing short of PROFOUND. Really, even I am surprised as to what we can accomplish with people in one hour with the Core Treatment. The Neurocore is a keystone of MELTing and no other techniques are designed to address the dual neurological stabilizing mechanisms of the body is such a simple way.


I too will be heading back out to CT in July for some MELT Immersion Treatments and we look forward to more events out that way! I am in the midst of the final weekend of a MELT Teacher Training and we will now have even more instructors in CT, NC, and NY!


I will also be preparing to implement MELT at the JCC's across the country in the upcoming month so stay tuned!!
Click on the link to register through

That is Fuller Movement's events page!

An MELT keeps on growing

Well I don't know about anyone else out there but in my world there is A LOT of energy just buzzing around out there. For me, I've had energy flying from every angle! From business to family... it's buzzing everywhere.

I have about 3 blogs I am in the midst of writing but with a book proposal and offers out, a teacher training beginning tomorrow, two revised programs happening next week... clients... products... it's ENDLESS!!!

What's amazing to me is that even when I am doing all of this business stuff MELT and a bundle of amazing MELT Instructors are out there teaching MELT! From NY to LA there are instructors teaching people how to MELT their body aches away and empower themselves to stay healthy... longer!

Loren Silber is doing a 2-hour Special MELT event on June 26th at Balance Arts Center for all of our MELTers in NYC, and Liz Barkan, one of our Master Instructors is doing a 90-minute intro class at Crunch this Sunday, June 13th!

Our very own Gloria Stewart has had TWO radio interviews in LA about MELT for the general public and for older adults!

This is a revolutionary method of self-treatment that if you haven't tried it... tell me! WE WANT TO MELT YOU! Keep your eye out for more info on longevity, aging, and new science of the human body in my upcoming blogs! Until then, make sure to check out our class schedule in our FIND MELT link on the site!

MELT in the News: Reuters review of MELT

In a recent article by Dorene Internicola, "MELT Method: Massaging the achy spaces in between" she nicely explains MELT! Although DiNubile gladly makes his own choice and definition of what MELT is and what it does the article comes pretty close to grasping the uniqueness of the method. DiNubile misses the point that I am trying to define that MELT is NOT just working on tight muscles and tendons and elongating them. That's actually NOT what MELT does but again, with the lack of understanding the behavior of connective tissue, this traditional definition will continue to put a marker on MELT.

He does see that MELT has an ability to improve posture and flexibility but until you really try MELT defining what it can do and it's benefits will never be fully understood.

As for wanting science behind the improvements of longevity, I would never bother to try to do a study on such an idea. How do you test longevity? You would have to live a full life and then evaluate it after. Silly I think. Instead, we are in the process of looking at things you can actually do a study on that regards connective tissue as the tissue we would study... not the muscles.

I have more to say on this topic but it will have to wait for my next blog. I have a few I have been dying to write but with a book proposal on the table and an offer to be made in the next 24-hours it's too much to do in one day!

Keep MELTing and stay hydrated!

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