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MELT Stress Away: in Pilates Style Magazine

Well after developing this technique over ten years, with total devotion to teaching people what I have learned about aging and longevity, it should come as no surprise that people will want to spontaneously write articles about MELT at will. Diana Whitney was one of those people. She called me earlier this year saying she wanted to write an article about MELT. Though I must admit from the interview, as with all writers, she was skeptical, asked about 1000 questions and talked to me for over an hour. After the first ten minutes her questions got more and more specific, more inquisitive, and I could just tell, she really was getting the importance of what I am so passionate about.

Debbie Karch who has helped me for the past 3 years "dumbing me down" and simplifying my ideas so people could really get the essence of this powerful technique came by tonight with the Pilates Style Magazine, hot off the presses. So hot my fingers smeared the ink! 
I have to say, in 5 pages there is some really great info, smart writing (the best article I HAVE EVER SEEN ABOUT MELT... EVER) that I hope you will take a moment to read and pass along. 

It goes without saying, MELT just works. It does and I can't be more blessed than to have people try it. Now that the article is out, I am going to make a MELT Map video for Youtube next week (when I get a moment in between writing a book, preparing for Inner IDEA and the PMA upcoming this month and November...) and show a video of the moves from the magazine.

Keep your eye open for the video clip!

Do You Differentiate?

In many of my trainings and nearly every class I teach, I always discuss the value of differentiated motion. I am sure many have heard me say, "You can't be efficiently mobile if you are inefficiently stable". Being able to differentiate one mass in motion while keeping all of the others stable is a key factor in both seeing instability and reacquiring it in any client or for any person.

In other words, being able to stabilize the thorax (your rib cage) and move the pelvis anteriorly and posteriorly around the femoral heads (your thigh bones) sounds slightly technical I am sure for some but it's essential to understand how to do it.

162_6209.JPGToday my good friends and colleagues Alec Helner and Deb Parsons discussed differentiation in a quadruped position and how working with someone in this position can help with proper repatterning of a squat, lunge or simply, gait. I couldn't agree more. However, for many, differentiating in a quadruped position is even too complex a position to begin in. This is where the MELT roller can come in handy.

The soft roller allows a person to identify spinal stability and rib position as a neutral region and truly accentuate pelvic movement.

Try this simple MELT Technique:

Step 1: Assess. Try to create a squat with feet hip width apart. Notice how your hips move, what you feel in your feet, and how effortlessly you move through the range.


Step 2: Differentiate. Lie on the soft MELT roller with your pelvis hanging off one

end so the end of the roller rests just slightly above the top of the pelvis. Try to articulate

tucking and tilting of the pelvis without squeezing your



butt cheeks, lifting or moving the spine or ribs, but by using your deep abdomen to acquire this small, yet dynamic range of motion.

Step 3: Reassess. Go back and try your squat again. See if your range has improved. If the

answer is that it has, well then I suggest going to youtube and typing in MELT Method and learn how to add the 3-D Breath Breakdown before the differentiated movement for maximum results. You'll not only feel more stable, you will move more efficiently!

In The City I Live

Even though this day has a somber note to it, I must say, today makes me realize just how much I love this amazing city I live in. Nine years ago I was stunned at what I saw before my eyes. Standing on the west side pier watching the towers crumble to the ground I can't help but clearly recall the day as if it were yesterday.

We walked through central park this afternoon, past Strawberry Field and over the pond and into the rambles of the park. Terry and I talked about 9/11 and remembered how that day affected our lives forever. The scent that was in the air for nearly a year shocked my senses to say the least. But today, although the memory will live on forever, the skies were a perfect shade of blue, the air is crisp and warm, people are all over my neighborhood smiling and walking hand in hand. It is the greatest city on earth.

Today, if you haven't given someone a hug or smiled at a friend, picked up the phone for no reason to call someone and say hello, do it. Sometimes the universe needs to know that we are listening and aware of the blessings of our lives. If we all think it, I think it helps the energy of the planet and the people on it. It may sound silly but it makes me feel good thinking about it.

Have a great day today and share it with someone before tomorrow~

The common thread between countries and cultures

Today I presented MELT for the very first time internationally. The Aerobic & Fitness Association sought me down to present for them at their convention here in Barcelona earlier this year. My worry was if MELT would translate to other countries.

As with all of my presentations, I always ask this questions, "How many of you today have a body pain or ache?" at the start of my session. Although I have yet to see one obese person anywhere in this beautiful country, the common thread between this culture and the US is PAIN. As it is when I present in the states, the majority of the room raises their hand to this question. So what I have learned is, regardless of race, culture or country, pain in all humans is the one thing we have in common. It's common, it's constant, and most of us have it.

I've done a lecture, "The 7 Secrets to Longevity" and one workshop so far "GET MELTed!"

Same results, same WOW factor, the only difference is that it took a bit more time as I had to slow down for my translator Laura to translate my words to Catalan. I had to speak in small segments (no easy feat for a NYer like me who tends to speak quickly and in long, run on sentences!) But it was actually a great learning curve for me as it made me slow way down, pause (something I never do), and only convey the real "nuts" and important aspects of what I was trying to say. (Funny thing was, even my humor came across which was another worry - I tend to be a bit of a clown to get people out of their "thinking" self and in their body. Laughing is a good thing for the body.) But they did laugh and they experienced the changes I hoped for with the foot treatment and the full body techniques.

Though we only did the MELT Core Treatment (3-D breath, Neck Decompress, and Low Back Decompress) all 3 technique yield specific changes and they all got great responses.

I am happy that I only have one more session tonight and then 3 tomorrow.

So tonight is "The Longevity of Structure and Function" another workshop. More specific, which I hope is a good thing.

My goal is that people leave know how to use these applicable techniques in their private practice. Time will tell if MELT will spread through Spain.

More to come!!!

My Internal Clock Is NOT Setting...

I'm on day three here in Barcelona and I must admit, my internal clock is not setting just yet. It's 7:30am (that's like 1:30am in NYC) and I feel like my brain is disgusted at the fact that I am awake so early.

Regardless, I have done my morning ritual of drinking a rather large glass of water and MELTing my feet which is only now stirring my appetite and getting me ready for what looks to be a beautiful day.

It's been a bit overcast for the last two days - perfect for touring around the city streets without sweating to death. Not only is this city stunningly beautiful, I have to be honest and say the people are just as lovely. Compared to the states, I have yet to see one obese person anywhere - even most of the tourists are of average size. The natives here however are not much of a "workout" folk (I have yet to find an actual gym though it's not mattered much. In the hotel there is a beautiful deck with a wading pool where I have spent an hour each day making up my own workout, stretching (getting odd looks from the few people I've seen up there.

Here people don't eat dinner until at least 10pm. I ventured out last night about 8:30 figuring that was late enough and although the two restaurants I picked looked completely empty, they said, "So sorry, we are fully booked..." Sort of makes no sense as it only takes about an hour and I would imagine if I went in at 10 there still wouldn't be a crowd. No matter, I found a tiny restaurant and had what I would call an adventurous meal of Japanese Tapas (though really, it was not like sushi as I had expected). Aside from the sleep thing, I must admit one thing that deters me from traveling out of the US is the food thing! When you can't read the menu it's tough to order anything but croissants and "un cafe" - which is a super tiny, looks like an espresso elxir that tastes fantastic even without milk but gets me BUZZY to say the least.

Today after I eat this odd breakfast of muesli and yogurt I will venture to my next hotel where Planeta Barcelona is being held. I am excited to say the hotel has a gym.

Buenos Dias my friends.

Sleeping In Late Is Not Recommended

As my internal clock acclimates to the 7 hour time difference here in Spain I have found myself sleeping in this morning until 11:30. This is not a good idea for someone who is a total creature of habit when it comes to my eating regimen. I am used to getting up, drinking a full glass of water, MELTing then eating some blueberries with yogurt and a topping of cereal, and a cup of coffee. That unfortunately did not happen here. I got as far as my glass of water and a foot MELT.

I picked a spot noted in one of my travel books about a half mile from my hotel that said they served eggs and such for breakfast though by the time I got there it was noon and breakfast was well over with. Frustrated I then managed to ask for "un cafe" which then came as a tiny shot of espresso. What's up with the tiny coffee cups in Europe? Even when I try to call it Un American Coffee it still doesn't work out. As tasty as it was, it was no breakfast.

I finally compromised by going into a grocery store and buying some Muesli and Kefir and heading back to my hotel room for a breakfast of champions. Now I will go upstairs where there is a wading pool and a nice deck to attempt a little workout before discovering Barcelona by bicycle. More soon~

Hola From Barcelona!

I have just arrived to Barcelona, Spain! Getting here was super easy and I was luck enough to somehow get upgraded to FIRST CLASS on my Delta flight. Thank you Delta! It's amazing how flying doesn't seem like a big deal when you have so much leg room you can't touch the seats in front of you and the seats recline back to a bed like state!

This city is SPECTACULAR!!! It is so beautiful, the gothic relic buildings, churches and the wide open roads and walk ways. It's truly a city to see. I have only been here one day and I can't wait to scope out El Raval, and Barri Gotic areas of this beautiful city!

Although I have yet to see a gym of any sort, I hope to find one tomorrow and try to talk about MELT to prepare myself for two full days of teaching different 90-minute lectures at the Planeta Barcelona Conference! Three unique events each day will set a tone and a MELT Immersion experience for all that attend.

It's a signature way for me to present at conferences is to have a series of sessions that build upon each other so people who stay for all of the events really grasp the techniques and leave with some education they can apply to their private practice.

I can't wait for the weekend but I am excited to scope out this fantastic city over the next two days. I will update each day with my experiences out here!

And if any of you have any advice on getting around the city, send me some info!
All the best~

Running High Heels You Say?

In 2002 the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) introduced "The Heart Truth", a campaign to make women more aware of the danger of heart disease. The campaign is geared towards women ages 40-60, as this is the age when women's risk of heart disease increases.

I am all for this cause. I see women at the onset of this disease many times in my clinic and have seen many beat their odds of this growing disease. And how great it is to see my favorite celebrity host, Kelly Ripa teaming up with this cause for a second year in NYC.LIVE! With Regis and Kelly will host the "High Heel-a-thon in our very own Central Park, NYC to raise awareness and money for charity for this cause.

But of course I am sort of stumped with the idea here. You are reading it right,a bunch of ladies are going to get together to run in central park... in high heels. I just keep thinking, "Should I get Kelly on the phone and make sure they all MELT after this crazy event?!" With her feet in general, I hope she is going to MELT her own feet before she does it! Because I have to tell you, wearing high heels is bad enough but running in them... on purpose? I know it's for charity but it seems like MELT should be coming to the rescue to the runners by helping them out post their oh so fantastic run.

Although they are going to look fabulous before, I imagine what their feet will feel like after!

Hey MELTers! Let's get out there on September 22nd and MELT the runners!!!

Veggies, Babies, and Diabetes

In my never ending quest to bring vital information about longevity to my network of MELTers I found a recent study from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden that found pregnant mommies that eat veggies everyday give birth to children who are less likely to develop type I Diabetes.

Through blood sample analysis from 6,000 5-year-old children they found children at risk of developing type I diabetes have antibodies that attack insulin-producing cells which is a risk marker that was up to twice as common in kids whose mother rarely ate veggies during pregnancy.

The study showed a direct link between veggie intake during pregnancy and the risk of children getting this disease... one more reason to eat your veggies!

And even for those of us who are not pregnant, summer is the best time to enjoy freshly harvested lettuces, peas, avocados, berries, and greens - all good sources of vitamin B and Foliate. And the other benefits of these types of veggies is helping to reduce heart attack and stroke - eat up!!!

Karin Singleton gets interviewed for MELT

Check out this link

Karin Singleton, one of our MELT instructors in N. Carolina ( made an appearance on her local TV news about MELT!!!

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