MELT in the News: Reuters review of MELT

June 8, 2010

In a recent article by Dorene Internicola, "MELT Method: Massaging the achy spaces in between" she nicely explains MELT! Although DiNubile gladly makes his own choice and definition of what MELT is and what it does the article comes pretty close to grasping the uniqueness of the method. DiNubile misses the point that I am trying to define that MELT is NOT just working on tight muscles and tendons and elongating them. That's actually NOT what MELT does but again, with the lack of understanding the behavior of connective tissue, this traditional definition will continue to put a marker on MELT.

He does see that MELT has an ability to improve posture and flexibility but until you really try MELT defining what it can do and it's benefits will never be fully understood.

As for wanting science behind the improvements of longevity, I would never bother to try to do a study on such an idea. How do you test longevity? You would have to live a full life and then evaluate it after. Silly I think. Instead, we are in the process of looking at things you can actually do a study on that regards connective tissue as the tissue we would study... not the muscles.

I have more to say on this topic but it will have to wait for my next blog. I have a few I have been dying to write but with a book proposal on the table and an offer to be made in the next 24-hours it's too much to do in one day!

Keep MELTing and stay hydrated!