About Us

The MELT Method® is owned by Longevity Fitness, Inc., a New York City–based company. Longevity Fitness is committed to offering self-treatment solutions for the preservation of a healthy, active, pain-free lifestyle as a complement to general health practices, including medicine, surgery, pain management, fitness, and wellness. We bring innovative wellness products, programs, and education to the general public and a wide-range of professional communities.

Our aim is to give everyone the ability to slow down their aging process through self-treatment methods based on cutting-edge science that offer far greater results than those available through general health practices today. MELT can prolong youthful vitality and longevity – and increase the capacity for healing, pain-free activity, and peak performance – through self-empowerment, body awareness, and science-backed self-care techniques.

Our products and information are designed to make it easy for anyone to self-treat on their own or in a group environment. We educate professionals in a wide range of related fields who want to be leaders in sharing the groundbreaking science of longevity.

Longevity Fitness offers professionals educational programs, business-building opportunities and tools, and a unique community of like-minded individuals. The MELT network currently includes professionals in the fields of massage therapy, manual and physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, social work, psychotherapy, yoga, Pilates, personal training, and group exercise. We work interactively to advance each other’s understanding of progressive human science as it relates to our own individual areas of expertise.

This network of therapists and instructors has ongoing access to continuing education as well as online support and forums. We offer a platform from which professionals can develop their practices, programs, and events and promote them to a wide and diverse array of prospective clients.

Our network is linked to the most up-to-date researchers and scientists in the field of human kinetics and function as well as experts in the fields of neuroscience, connective tissue research, and manual therapy. As the pioneer in Hands-off Bodywork™, we are dedicated to promoting scientific inquiry to advance the understanding and value of hands-on bodywork as it relates to human longevity.


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