About Sue Hitzmann

Sue Hitzmann, MS, CST, NMT, is the creator of the MELT Method, a simple self-treatment technique that helps people get out and stay out of chronic pain. Sue is a nationally recognized educator, manual therapist, exercise physiologist, and founding member of the Fascial Research Society. She is the author of the New York Times bestselling book The MELT Method and has helped over 100,000 people get into their body and out of pain.

The revolutionary techniques of MELT started out as homework for Sue's manual therapy clients. This first-ever form of Hands-off Bodywork is the culmination of her work in hands-on manual therapy, neurofascial science, and her background in fitness.

Sue got her start in the fitness industry as a group exercise instructor in 1988 and continues to teach today in some of the top clubs in New York City. Her 1999 video Crunch Boot Camp Training has sold more than half a million copies worldwide and remains one of the bestselling fitness videos today. 

Sue's own journey to help others heal began with her quest to find answers to her own debilitating pain. After receiving her Masters in Exercise Science from New York University, Sue went on to complete thousands of hours of research, as well as certifications in manual therapies such as neuromuscular, craniosacral, and lymph drainage.

In Sue’s private practice, she works with a wide range of injuries, disorders, diseases, and dysfunctions and their associated chronic pain symptoms, which are most often undertreated, overmedicated, and infrequently remedied. The creation of MELT not only allowed her clients to continue to make changes but allowed Sue to bring new possibilities for healing to people she'd never even met. This groundbreaking self-treatment program supports the health, fitness, and quality of life of any person, at any age or activity level. 

Sue is currently training a wide array of fitness and wellness professionals—including massage therapists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, nurses, and doctors —so they can teach the MELT Method® to their clients and integrate this powerful tool into their practice. Sue is a leading presenter for national organizations such as IDEA, ECA, and PMA, as well as an accredited continuing education provider for ACE, AFAA, NASM, PMA, and NCBTMB. 

Sue has appeared on Dr. Oz, the Rachael Ray Show, and Live with Regis and Kelly, as well as several other television programs. MELT has been featured in SELF, More, Prevention, and other magazines.

Sue’s primary goal is to empower people to proactively take charge of their aging process. She also wants to offer everyone access to powerful self-care options that treat the cause of pain rather than temporarily treating symptoms with medication and surgery. Sue Hitzmann and the MELT Method offer everyone the chance to discover the secrets to pain-free living... at any age!